Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coffee Chemistry Cafe @Sunway Giza

2 days back, I had my lunch at this cafe with my colleagues and I found this is another destination for great coffee, delicious seafood pasta and yummy frittata ^^ Coffee Chemistry Cafe, which is just newly opened at Sunway Giza, is the new dining place which I'm going to recommend to you guys now :)

Coffee Chemistry Cafe (CCC) - located at Sunway Giza Mall, above Movida Bar, shared the same location with Cubic Platforms.

The dining place.....

CCC's coffee brand is called Graffeo, from San Francisco. A very good quality of coffee bean which will produce a cup of fragrant aroma of coffee.

The coffee machine @CCC, looks similar like those high-end cafe like Starbucks and Dome. Wao, the boss really invested a lot of money in the equipment so to produce the tip-top quality of the coffee to its customer. *Thumbs up*

Look at this, the premium tea is also being served at CCC. No worries to all the non-coffee lover, you got your cup of nice tea here as well :)

Games are also available, what a great place to hang out with your family and friends :) That's what I thought!

Chefs in action! While waiting for our food, let's check out the nice coffee art that appeared in our orders ^^

Fragrant aroma of Roasted Almond Latte @RN8.50

My order - same as above, but came with different coffee art :) Nice!!! Really tasted good, as good as the one I normally drink at those high-end coffee house, but the price at CCC is much more cheaper and reasonable ^^

Roasted Almond Cappuccino @RM8.50

Hazelnut Cappuccino @RM8.50

Fine Blended Mocha @RM10.90 (Don't be shocked with the straws :P)

Appetizer - Chicken Mesclun @RM9.90. The crispy diced chicken was so tender and tasty. It serves with varieties of mixed fresh vegetables and house dressing. Tasted superb-licious!

The Mediterranean style of roasted Pumpkin and Capsicum Soup @RM8.90. A must try item!

Vegetable & Onion Frittata @RM5.50 - A very traditional Italian style of oven baked vegetables and omelette serves with spicy salsa sauce. First time I'm trying this, unique and delicious, love it!

Seafood Pasta with Spicy Carbonara @RM16.90 - yummy! It came with the fresh prawns, squids and mussels, really value for money! :)

Fish Stew Rice @RM10.90 - If you think it's very spicy then you are wrong! It's actually the tomato sauce with the stewed fish cubes. Tasted very well with the white rice. Another good choice of my lunch-mate :)

Another satisfied MSG-FREE lunch with my colleagues at CCC. Will definitely come back again! :)

Coffee Chemistry Cafe (MSG + Pork Free)
C-3A-1, Sunway Giza Mall,
Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(Located above Movida Bar, next to FullHouse)


HenRy LeE ® said...

ahhh.... i must try the chicken mesclun next! :D

San said...


Sumptuous said...

The coffee looked so "arty" and I'll be staring at it for minutes before I take the 1st sip! Thx for sharing Uli!

Small Kucing said...

memang terkejut at the straws. like octopus LOL

wenn said...

love the coffee art.

choi yen said...

Just tried this yesterday, love the carbonara sauce :)

vialentino said...

thanks....myslef love the blended in taste....

iamthewitch said...

I love the mocha and frittata here! Yummy!

xin said...

wanna go there again too! :D

eiling lim said...

wah really look like a nice coffee place to hang out!

Mei Teng said...

I believe there more coffee cafes than tea cafes. Guess coffee is a more popular beverage.

I love my teas.

[SK] said...

it's vialentino's cafe!!! it was a surprise when i first read about this in another blogger's post.. i love this cafe~~ :)

email2me said...

Their coffee are great!

Anonymous said...

their fantastic coffee and meals are on offer price now. Not to be missed for coffee chemistry on

cheap cheap, faster grab grab!! :)

ken said...

fuiyoh nice coffee art! :D

Dora said...

Haven't go for a coffee with art on top, it looks beautiful. Hi uLi, congrats to u & ur hubby on the wedding! I know I'm very late 'coz I was super busy for the previous months ;-)

suriya said...

I enjoyed reading your blog ~ thanks for posting such useful content.

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SneakyLily said...

WOW! I LOVE coffee but starbucks is so overpriced and the quality lately been yuck. This place looks awesome, hopefully I found a new chilling place! :D

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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