Sunday, June 27, 2010

5 stars Dining Experience at Food Galleria (Prince Court Medical Centre)

uLi: "Dar, next week I got a food review invitation at Prince....."

肥肥: "Oh.....Prince Hotel ya"

uLi: "No! It's Prince Court Medical Centre, the 5 stars hospital!"

肥肥: "What??? Medical Centre?? What kind of foods are you going to review in an hospital? Pills or antibiotic?"

uLi: (lol) "Expected this kind of reaction la dar.....hehe! People got a food galleria there at the basement level which opened for public and I heard that they do serve good and healthy food okay?"

肥肥: "Eh.....then you must go lor. I wanna see how good will it be......hehe!"

The above conversation took place sometime last week and I was so excited in waiting for this time's food review ^^ Thanks to Mr. Martin for the warmest hosting on this event and me and my foodie gang truly enjoyed the dinner. Really didn't expect the hospital's food can be so great! It was so so so interesting!

Prince Court Medical Centre

Nice interior architecture inside the hospital - spotted this and immediately took out my "eye" to capture it ^^

Food Galleria, located at Basement 1 at Prince Court Medical Centre.

It's a casual dining restaurant with the friendly environment and ambience which offer variety of exquisite food.

Food Galleria's open kitchen concept



de Menu - Customize and change in every quarter. You will be able to find all food and beverage offered within this Ala Carte menu.

In the conjunction of World Cup fever, Food Galleria is having the World Cup Food Promotion from 14 June to 11 July 2010. Hence, the menu featuring variety of dishes from all over the world. Sound interesting, huh? ^^

Pills? No no's just the decor of the restaurant which utilizes the curry powder and pepper ^^

The complimentary oat biscuit provided to the patient - "Get Well Soon"

Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juices @RM10 each.

Galleria Signature Mocktails

Lemon Grass (Uruguay) - Lemongrass juice with a plash of blue curacoa @RM11.80

Molly (Netherlands) - Cranberry smoothies in vanilla flavour, blend to perfection @RM11.80

Mystic (Cameroon) - A mixture of pineapple, mango & passion fruits @RM11.80

Sangria (Spain) - A tangy, fizzy sipper with a great blend of fruit taste @RM11.80

Imperial Punch (Nigeria) - A fancy fruit juice with pineapple & mango flavour @RM11.80


Appetizers & Starters

The warm and healthy bread with butter spread on your own choice ^^

Escalibada (Spain) - Spanish Red pepper and aubergine salad @RM12.50

Salade Fermière Tiède aux Lardons (France) - Warm salad of frisèe, beef bacon, potato & poached egg @RM14.50

Sopa De Caracol (Honduras) - Honduras fish coconut cream soup with cumin @RM12.80

Albondigas soup (Mexico) - Classic Mexican soup made with meatballs & cabbage @Rm11.50

Soupe d'avocat abidjanaise (South Africa) - South African chilled avocado soup with dash of yoghurt & Tabasco @RM10.80

Prawn & vegetable tempura (Japanese) - Tempura King Prawns, carrot, egg plant, capsicum & dipping sauce @RM14.50

Main Course

"Moqueca" Kaka (Brasil) - Bahia Seafood stew in rich tomato broth & rice @RM28.80

Deungshim Gui Dolsot Bibimbap (Korean Republic) - Korean style grilled beef sirloin on vegetables & rice @RM35.00

Gnocchi con auburgine arrabiatta (Italy) - Aubergine, potato dumpling in spicy tomato sauce @RM18.50

Lahm Lhalou (Algeria) - Algerian lambs with saffron, turmeric, almond & prunes with white rice @Rm38.80

Chargrilled Salmon (New Zealand) - Salmon w sun dried tomato, cucumber cream & spinach @RM38.90

Chicken Souvlaki (Greece) - Oregano & garlic marinated chicken grilled over charcoal, Tzatziki & pittaa RM24.50


Summer Berries Pudding with Mixed berries Coulis (England) - Slice bread in mixed berries coulis with fresh berries & berries compote @Rm8.50

Gebackener Kasekuchen (Germany) - Baked cheese cake & spices marinated grapes @RM8.90

Baked pavlova Fruit Salsa (Australia) - Freshly baked meringue with almond mixed fruits salsa & balsamic strawberry @RM9.80

Rueblitorte (Switzerland) @Rm10.50

Swiss Traditional Rich Carrot Cake & orange caramelized walnuts

Is this amazing? I really never thought before that the hospital's restaurant can offer such delicious and presentable food *serious* And importantly I don't have the feeling that I'm actually dining in a hospital!! In fact, it's more like a normal restaurant which offers an upscale dining experience and the food quality is on-par with some other famous restaurant.

Food Galleria provide two private dining room with seating capacity over 20 seats each room. To add to that, there are two LCD TV allocate at the main dining area and two LCD TV in each private dining room connected in house perfect for presentation and slides. As such, customers can enjoy their meals and have WIFI internet connection to meet their business needs.

There are also sky view roof top and open place for children to play as their playground in Food Galleria.

Let's meet with the Executive Chef of Food Galleria - Adam Gaffey who is originated from Australia ^^

And of course, the chefs behind the scene...

Food Galleria (Prince Court Medical Centre)
Level B1
39, Jalan Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 21600000



Invisible said...

such a special place~!

[SK] said...

wah, medical center also got such nice food to eat!! love the presentation, all look very appetising, but i guess the price is a little high end lor..

Agnes Sim said... are getting famous le..always got such good invitation. geng! Those foods really make me hungry le..

NekoHime said...

I wonder who eats here daily? Must be staff! So how did it taste? The algerian dish looks good.

Lisa717 said...

gosh~~ speechless that hospital can serve such exquisite food!!! anyway, would love to try it one day^^

Lulu said...

Good concept to cheer the day of patient's family..:P

But hor...I wonder the price will turn it down onot ler :PPP

J2Kfm said...

Great shots ... your food shots always look so good, crisp and well-composed.
You can be a trainer yourself. :)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Invisible: Yup Yup :)

SK: Geng leh! Price is little higher but by considering the dining place and the ingredients that they use....ok le~

Agnes: Aiyah.....not famous at all la. Just tagging along with my friend :)

NekoHime: Hahaha.....I wouldn't say all tasted very good la but majority yes :) Really surprised with the quality lo.... ^^

Lisa: Hehehe....special hor ^^

Lulu: Why so many :P la....haha!

J2Kfm: Thanks for your comments ^^

New Kid on the Blog said...

I couldn't believe this is the food in errr... medical centre???
btw, those drinks were cool!! nice shot!!

TZ said...

This is really a 5 stars medical center with the nice presentable food display...

Howz the price?

SK Ding said...

it doesn't look like a hospital. if u didnt say, i tot i will be some hotel.

i believe the price of the food wouldnt cheaper than those in the hotel.

San said...


vialentino said...

wahsei, so fast publish liow....kns....anyway, love the food here so much, really damn kao luxury hospital hotel ler...

email2me said...

Must find one day go again .... this time to review the Teh Tarik place which serves a kick ass Hoagies ....

xin said...

oh god! is this possible?? 6 star food in hospital food court!

nrewq said...

So much choices to choose from. Who would have thought that you can get this kind of offerings from within a hospital.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow it was awesome right! Who can resist of not staying here!

uLi.佑莉 said...

New Kid on the Blog: Yeah! It is!!!! Hehehe... Thanks for liking my shots ;)

TZ: Price is slightly above average but the food quality is really nice :)

SK Ding: It's a 5 stars dining place...hehe!

San: Hehe....handsome lor... :P

via: So your next baby will be delivered here ya :)

email2me: Yeah...I'm wondering how tasty is the food at Tarik place there as they claim the signature item is fast selling le.....

xin: Yep! :)

nrewq: Hehe....true true :)

BBO: lolx~

mimid3vils said...

I don't think people who come to hospital have good mood to enjoy food =.="

uLi.佑莉 said...

mimid3vils: In a way you are true but depends also on what situation la. Furthermore, good food can also cheer people up :)

smallkucing said...

hahaha...the 1st glance I also assume Prince hotel coz me katak bawah tempuru. Never heard of Medical Centre.

Fuiyo...never know the food there look so delicious

iamthewitch said...

Never thought there could be so much good food from a hospital restaurant!! :)

Kelvin said...

The price also 5-star one~

uLi.佑莉 said...

smallkucing: Not katak ya....I also impress le with the place ^^

iamthewitch: Ya lor...hehe!

Kelvin: lolx~

ET女子 said...

great food photo shot!!!!
if u didnt post up, i will never knw their meal really like 5star hotel meal~~~

eiling lim said...

haha who would have thought to eat at a medical centre. food looks 5 star too! Next time must bring my date there! lol

uLi.佑莉 said...

ET女子: Thanks!

eiling: Hehehe.....good suggestion :P

SimpleGirl said...

really cant believe a food court in the hospital....

HenRy LeE ® said...

wahhh... i so envy la u can go so many nice places to eat good food! XD

taufulou said...

i smell improvement...

your picture now is alot different now lei..

heee, getting so much better~ ken sifu sure veli happy 1..

Dora said...

Just like a fine dining restaurant! It's good too so sick ppl don't feel so sick after eating there! hehehe:-)

uLi.佑莉 said...

SimpleGirl: Hehe....

Henry: No need to envy le.... >.<

taufulou: Yeah...thanks! Sifu got faceeee :)


PeckWm said...

Food review at hospital.. unbelievable! tak sangka restaurant located inside the hospital serve good food. LoL
DOn't you think a bit weird to invite friend to hospital for a meal? LOL sound like cursing..haha

oLive said...

Hello.. first time been here!!!
Nice blog u have.. i like it..
nice picture u took ler.

uLi.佑莉 said...

PeckWm: lolx~ But for good foor, it doesn't matter :D

oLive: Thanks! :) Hope to see u again ^^

Mei Teng said...

Hey spotted your photo of Lemongrass juice at Tastespotting. Great effort and great looking photo too! :)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Mei Teng: Yeah! Thanks for viewing :) I am truly excited too....

food_galleria said...

Galleria have new menu now.. You should give it a try.

Next coming promotion…

PASTA PROMOTION (2nd August till 7th August)

Unknown said...

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