Monday, March 8, 2010

AHROY Thai Cuisine @Taman Segar, Cheras

Thanks to BigBoysOven for the food review invitation which was happened on last Friday. I was surprised when I received a buzz from Sidney about this occasion, am I dreaming or what??? Without any hesitation, I've promised him that I'll be joining the foodies for this Thai food review at Ahroy Thai Cuisine (Halal).

Ahroy Thai Cuisine is just located opposite the Cheras Leisure mall beside the Hong Leong Bank.


I was attracted by this ceiling's decor when I walked in to the restaurant. It's just simple, nice and creative~ One thing that amazed me is the Ahroy's menu, from the appetizers till the main course, it offers up to 250++ of different choices. I've never seen any Thai restaurant in Klang valley can offer so much of variety of foods and drinks to its customers. Thumbs up for the owner and the chef!

Mieng Kam

The dinner was begin with a very unique starter - Thai Traditional Leaf Wrapped Savouries (Mieng Kam) @RM15. The leaf used called betel leaf which is a healthy food where it can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in human's body. Besides of the leaves, the dish consist of the small cube cuts filling including the lime, small onions, small Thai chilies, ginger, dry roast coconut, dried shrimp, dry roasted peanuts and not forgotten, the tamarind sauce.


To eat.... Take a leaf and fold the bottom to make a pouch. Put a large pinch of roasted coconut in first, then follow with a piece or two of the small cube cuts as mentioned above (there is no "proper" order to put them in actually, just do it!) Then, add a bit of sauce on top, roll the leaf to make a packet, and eat in one bite. tasted so unique and I like it very much!


The tasty and appetizing starter isn't just stopped with the Mieng Kam. We continued to have the Octopus served with Special Sauce @RM10.

Cockles Salad @RM12. I believed not everyone likes to eat cockles. But for me, I am the fan of it ^^


This is another appetizer new to me - Lemon Grass Salad @RM15 (S) | RM25 (B). To eat... just take a small portion of it and wrap using the lettuce. I don't really like the taste of lemon grass but surprisingly this dish tasted good with the mixture of onions and cashew nuts. Thumbs up!

de Thai Otah-Otah in Banana Leaf @RM8 (2 pcs)


de golden brown Stuffed Crab In The Shell @RM10(2 pcs) - it served with a GENEROUS portion of the tender meat mixture ^^


de Steam Squid in Lime Juice @RM25 - I can't resist the taste of it. Simply love the freshness of the squid and the superb hot and sour gravy, or rather I call it a soup...hehe! Love it~


de Steam Fish in Thai Style (seasonal price) - this is 1 of my favorite Thai dish. I noticed that its always being served using this kind of metal plate. The reason why is that it uses charcoal as heat source, and this plate is the most suitable one to use to keep the warmness of the dish.


Not to be missed - de Pandan Leaf Chicken @RM13 (5 pcs) - the chicken meat tasted juicy and tender, simply can smell the aroma of the Pandan leaf~ It must be a special marinated recipe owned by Ahroy!


de Deep Fried Crispy Kang Kong @RM8 (S) | RM12 (B) - new to me as well! Love the crunchiness of it and please remember to bite this together with the special sauce prepared, it really tasted much different with this lovely sauce ^^


de Tom Yam Seafood Soup (Red) RM20 (S) | RM28 (M) | RM38 (B) - I always think that Thai cuisine isn't complete without the Thai signature Tom Yam soup, agree? And that's why we've ordered this at Ahroy, it came with the variety of fresh seafood such as big prawns, crabs and squids. No doubt, yummy-licious one~

de Green Curry Chicken @ RM15 (S) | RM25 (B) - served with the thick and aromatic coconut gravy, excellent!

Although we were quite full with all the yummy dishes, but we felt something was missing from our stomach! Oh yeah! The desserts....Without any hesitation, we've ordered the 3 famous and signature Thai dessert for a taste, let's check it out!

mango sticky rice
de Mango with Glutinous Rice a.k.a Mango Sticky Rice @RM8.

de Tapioca with Coconut Milk @RM6. Never expect it can be tasted so delicious! Well, another secret recipe seems ^^

Last but not least, my all time favorite Tub Tim Krob a.k.a Water Chestnuts with Coconut Milk (Red Rubies) @RM5.

We really enjoyed the meal on that night. I felt happy too coz first time hang-out with bloggers for a food review; and of course can meet up with new friends ^^

uLi with Sidney

Sunny - he claimed he don't know how to smile :P

Chris Tock - a investment banker who are passionate in blog, and has a very unique surname ^^

Ahroy Thai Cuisine
Address: 48, Jln Manis 1, Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 9133 2330



kenwooi said...

nice food.. yum yum.. making me hungry middle of the night.. =P

Mei Teng said...

did the restaurant know that you guys were reviewing their food?

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG this was one of the most delayed dinner in my life, KL friday's jam is awesomely unthinkable! It took me about 1.5 hpurs to get there(Cheras) from PJ! keavenly knows, but the food was for a thrill!

Thanks for your patient :)

[SK] said...

eih jiran, i think you are slowly moving towards to the direction of food critics blogger huh?? hehe~~ :p

vialentino said...

wah...nice food time must get bbo to intro me to join them for food review!

i love thai food a lot...yum yum...

Agnes Sim said...

OMG, so syok le...the foods look yummy also.

HenRy LeE ® said...

i really like looking at the octopus dish... and eating it too! haha!

uLi.佑莉 said...

kenwooi: Paiseh ya :P

Mei Teng: Yes, they know. In fact, they invited BBO and I tag along =)

BBO: Friday is always SUPER JAM lo...but becoz of my patient, I got myself delicious food ...hehe!

SK: You think so ar? Hmmm...actually I also don't know, let see how it goes :)

via: Hehehe...let me ask the organizer next time!

Agnes: Yeah Yeah!

HenRy LeE: Mini octopus fanceee ar you? hehehe....

§pinzer said...

Wah my eyelash damn long!

hahah kidding.. beautiful photos though can see problem with colouring, cos mine also liddat, no thanks to the super yellow ambience hehe. But then again that's why it felt so homely when we were eating there hor?

Superb place, definitely one of the best and original style of Thai cuisine!

smallkucing said...

Gosh! I am drooling all over the lappie.

I want the stuffed crab.

Much nicer food presentation and i think the taste will be much better than the place I went to last time

Thanks a lot, uLi. Will drag hubi and the kid to go makan there :D

lechua said...

awesome uli - not only enjoying great looking food but reviewing with a bunch of foodies must have be good fun!

CH Voon said...

wah... nice! all the food look nice presentation.

Rafael Lam said...

This Ahroy Thai Cuisine is really nice,
your restaurant review is so profressional! ^.^

uLi.佑莉 said...

Spinzer: Hehehe...that's your fake lashes is it? Yeah, agree with you, nice and authentic Thai food :)

smallkucing: Thanks and I'm glad you have the urge wanna to try it out after browsed through my post ;)

lechua: Ya, it was a fun night hanging out with the foodies...I am a beginner on that night! Hehehe....

CH Voon: Thanks alot! ^^

Rafael Lam: Eh, no ler, still at learning stage. Hope can improve more, just like your photography skills ....hehe!

taufulou said...

woah!!! glad that you went this shop too, i still think this shop serve the best authentic thai food...

uLi.佑莉 said...

taufulou: ^^ hehe...

San said...

WOW! 好好吃的說!

c0co said...


xin said...

ok..i think i miss the crab n tomyam there already!!!

uLi.佑莉 said...

San, Coco: Hehe...hold down your saliva ya :P

xin: Go visit the shop again, they miss you :D

yuzzy said...

hi, is there any halal sign at the door or somewhere?as i cant see any of it at the restaurant banner.
my officemate plan to go there :)

sumiha said...

Hi, i checked with jakim website. I didnt find the restaurant name in it as certified halal.

Unknown said...

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