Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nice Drunken Chicken!

I like drunken chicken (醉鸡), especially the one at 强记肉骨茶餐室, Pandah Indah (I'm a frequent customer...hehe). If you never had a chance to try the good drunken chicken, I would recommend you to this restaurant, no regret and I'm sure you will definitely come back here again. The order of the drunken chicken come in a clapypot. Not to missed are the mushrooms and chinese herbal together with the chicken. The soup has a strong liquor taste which I love it so much!

Claypot Drunken Chicken (醉鸡) - RM18

Another specialty would be the Spicy & Sour Vege (酸辣菜). The dish served in claypot as well, the hot and sour gravy is very appetizing. Highly recommended!

Clapypot Spicy & Sour Vege (酸辣菜) - RM8
Besides of the above dishes, they do serve claypot bakuteh, steam fish, herbal chicken, white pepper spare ribs, claypot tom yam prawns and etc. Conclusion, its indeed a good place to be for cari makan.

(nearby Station 1 and 9898 restaurant at Pandan Indah)

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